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Do you love the meditative movement of Vinyasa Yoga, but find yourself wondering if you’ll ever achieve that sense of strength and ease in your practice? Perhaps you find yourself struggling through chaturangas, feel awkward in transitions or question if you’re doing a pose ‚right‘? Or maybe you’re new to yoga and need a few extra tips on how to find the perfect fit of a posture for your body.

Vinyasa yoga is a wonderfully fun, flowy practice but we rarely have time to break down the proper form and alignment in key asanas.

Our new Align & Refine workshop does just that! In this 3 part series, we dive deeper into a set of key postures within the Vinyasa practice, break them down to their key elements, then use props & tips to find the perfect alignment for your body!

 We will offer one workshop a month … book one or all 3 … and empower your practice.  Become stronger, more capable & confident in your body both on and off the mat.

  • 29th of January: 
    Salute the Sun:  Let your Sun Salutations SHINE!!!

    Key Asanas:  Chaturanga Dandasana  Down Dog, Cobra & Up Dog
    Learn proper form and alignment in key poses to the Vinyasa Sequence … how can I improve my down dog … should I do cobra or up dog & what is the difference … how do I find ease in my chaturangas?

  • 20th of February:
    Sweet Center:  Charge up Your Core

    Key Asanas: Transitioning between asanas, pelvic floor alignment (where to ´kipp your hips´) & balancing
    There isn’t a single pose in our practice that doesn’t involve engaging our core. Find an ease & lightness to your practice by learning how to ignite your core & bring it all back to center.

  • 30th of March: 
    Stand your Ground: Essential Standing Postures

    Key Asanas: Crescent Lunge, Warrior 1 & 2,  Trikonasana
    Find power in your warriors, balance in your trikonasanas and a kick ass crescent lunge! These standing postures are the foundation for hundreds of asanas & their variations. Set a solid base in these poses & grow with stability and strength from there!

Align & Refine Workshop: Project
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