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Yoga is a Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  ~  The Bhavagad Gita

Originally from Canada, I came to yoga through a love of sport and movement.  Growing up, my body & mind constantly craved new challenges and unique adventures.  I hoped to share this curiosity and joy of life by becoming a school teacher in 1998.  However, I still longed for a life more unconventional.  Travel became a passion and led me on extraordinary journeys to unknown places.   It was on my travels through India in 2004 that I fell in love with yoga and the magical journey it takes you on through life and self.   

I began to explore a variety of yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa ... each taking me to new places within.  I finally decided to combine my passion for teaching & yoga by completing my RYT 200 / 500 & IHK 1000 hour Teacher Training in Germany in 2009.  I have been teaching and learning ever since ... the journey is never-ending.

For me, yoga reflects life.  We come to the mat to develop the skills to live our lives with kindness, acceptance, joy and gratitude. My classes focus on a deep yet playful exploration of body and mind, combining a physical focus with connection to deeper self and the true values of yoga.

Whether building strength & flexibility, connecting to your breath, boosting energy or finding a calm space within, I aim to create dynamic vinyasa sequences that uplift and empower students to explore their infinite abilities with positivity and a smile.

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